A perfect symbiosis

Prefa Material Advantages

As of 2022, Pagano – the luxury brand among prefabricated houses – will equip all its houses with PREFA aluminium as standard. The decision for PREFA was made just recently at the headquarters in Rome, after Andrea Paco and Enzo Pagano convinced themselves of the advantages of the material.

Lateral view of the Pagano show house. Prefalz in the colour nut brown was used to cover the roof.

High-quality craftmanship

A Pagano show house near Rimini offered the first opportunity to replace the original roof flashings made of copper with Prefalz in the colour nut brown. The PREFARENZEN team was on site, met the installer and was able to convince itself of the result.

“The fact that we will be working on all new Pagano houses in the future also represents a special logistical challenge for a company of our size,” Elisabetta Spinelli and Jürgen Niederfriniger, who only founded the innovative company Nieder S.r.l. ten years ago, tell us. “The exclusive, individually planned wooden houses, which are produced as a ‘kit’, are built turnkey ready by Pagano assemblers from Italy for wealthy clients across all continents. We are among the few external partners who are even airlifted to the most remote construction sites due to their special handicraft skills.”

A picture of Elisabetta Spinelli and Jürgen Niederfringer, the founders of the company Nieder S.r.l., standing in front of the show house near Rimini (Italy).

Why PREFA aluminium instead of copper?

“PREFA aluminium is a high-quality, sustainable product that can be ideally combined with the materials in our houses. Compared to copper, the many products and colours make it possible for us to better tailor our houses to the respective locations, and we can also increase the contrasts between the elements more successfully with this material.

With Jürgen Niederfriniger and his company, we not only have a conscientious tinsmith who could convince us of the quality and advantages of PREFA, but we have also found an ideal partner whose drive to find innovative, creative solutions and executions that are also high-quality in terms of craftmanship is a perfect fit for Pagano. We are currently expanding our cooperation to all projects in Italy and abroad and are also thinking about including Nieder in the further development of our modular systems.”

Lateral view of the Pagano house. In the foreground you can see the garden with some plants.

Further information

  • Text & Interview: Carl Bender
  • Photos: © Croce & Wir, © Pagano