PREFA aluminium façade systems: Aluminium brings façades to life.

Some of the most spectacular buildings of our time feature aluminium on the front. That comes as no surprise as aluminium boasts almost unparalleled flexibility. Storm-proof, break-resistant, corrosion-resistant – every PREFA façade possesses outstanding qualities.

In addition to being robust, PREFA façade systems are really attractive and offer considerable scope for creativity. The versatile colour and format options speak for themselves. Whether you wish to turn new visions into reality or renovate an existing façade, there are no limits to your creativity.

PREFA façade products are supplied as complete systems. That means that all the façade components and installation accessories are manufactured as an integrated whole and are delivered with tried and trusted PREFA quality. To ensure perfect installation, PREFA façades should only be installed by trained professionals to provide builders and renovators with maximum peace of mind. 

Façade systems (12)

A new take on a modern classic.

The PREFA rhomboid façade tile gives traditional, scale-like façades a new lease of life. The maintenance-free aluminium material treated with PREFA’s innovative surface coating lends cladding an elegant matt structure.

Create your own stage lighting effects.

Experience the building front of the future – today already. With its right-angled canting, the FX.12 façade panel enables unique surface designs to be created. Depending on how the light falls, the building front radiates ever-changing shades of colours. This breath-taking effect and the façade’s asymmetric appearance make each building unique.

Façade design for lateral thinkers.

Vertical, horizontal or diagonal – PREFA sidings set the tone for contemporary architecture too. And don’t forget about the corners when planning your façade. Practical corner sidings ensure a smooth-flowing exterior. Which ever direction you go for, PREFA sidings will open up new avenues.

One material for a wealth of folds

Prefalz comes in an impressive variety of colours and shapes. The reason for this is simple: as it is made of aluminium, Prefalz is more pliable than most comparable folding materials, and therefore easy to shape. The result: countless individual design possibilities that are barely conceivable with any other material. You could say that anything you can imagine is feasible.

Façades define your image.

A company’s building is its biggest advertisement. A façade with PREFA aluminium composite panels impresses already at the very first glance. The diverse colours and shapes, the chosen degree of gloss and the unusual design surfaces and special coatings are particularly enhanced on building cladding. So you’ve got great plans and visions? Then show them off!

Ideas that last an eternity

Bold architectural ideas are in high demand. And the material required to implement them is available: the PREFA aluminium ripple profile withstands the toughest demands. Its fine structure and elegant appearance make the extruded aluminium ripple profile the ideal format for realising architectural dreams that last for generations.

Become a serration wizard!

The PREFA serrated profile turns buildings into magical projection surfaces. Creative architects set the stage for the most spectacular light effects on large-scale façades. The interplay of light and shade is particularly enchanting. The high-quality material and meticulous implementation guarantee decades of fascination and delight with this façade.

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