Fire protection regulations: Prefa products: water-resistant and fire-proof

PREFA products fulfil all fire protection specifications. Read the most important information here.


Reaction-to-fire performance rating in accordance with EN 13501-1

Small format

Reaction-to-fire performance rating “A1” — non-combustible


Reaction-to-fire performance rating “A1” — non-combustible


Reaction-to-fire performance rating „A1“ — non-flammable
Reaction-to-fire performance rating "A2-s1, d0" — non-flammable for walnut, grey oak and natural oak

Aluminium composite panel (FR core)

Reaction-to-fire performance rating „B-s1, d0“ — hardly inflammable

Aluminium composite panel (A2 core)

Reaction-to-fire performance rating „A2-s1, d0“ — non-combustible

Extruded profiles (serrated profile, ripple profile)

powder-coated: Reaction-to-fire performance rating „A2-s1, d0“ — non-combustible

uncoated/anodizable aluminium: Reaction-to-fire performance rating “A1” — non-combustible

The fire classification of PREFA roof and façade products (small format, Prefalz and sidings*) according to EN 13501-1 is “A1”, non-combustible. Fire class A1 means that the products made from aluminium are non-combustible.

* except products in the colours walnut, grey oak and natural oak (fire class "A2-s1, d0" - non-flammable).

The fire classification according to EN 13501-1 of the PREFA aluminium composite panel with a FR core is “B-s1, d0”. The composite panel with an A2 core is available on request. The panel is classed according to EN 13501-1 with reaction-to-fire performance rating “A2-s1, d0” (non-combustible), and is therefore suitable for high-rise buildings (buildings with escape routes located more than 22 m above the ground).

All façade products have successfully passed the system test according to ÖNORM B 3800-5 (required by OIB guideline 2 [OIB = Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering]).

The external fire performance of the roof membrane is declared as being Broof(t1) according to OIB guideline 2.

On account of the materials used, PREFA roof products (small format components and Prefalz) are “classified without further testing” according to EN 13501-5.