Original PREFA accessories — PREFA sealing gel

Thanks to their fitting precision and high quality, original PREFA accessories guarantee the durability that a PREFA complete system strives to obtain. The perfect interplay of individual components ensures the safety and quality that have come to be expected from a PREFA roof or PREFA façade. The employee’s expertise not only flows into the development of the latest roof and façade elements, but also frequently into the optimization of parts which, although they often only work behind the scenes, are actually indispensable for ensuring a perfectly functioning complete system.

PREFA sealing gel, which has been specially developed for PREFA applications made of aluminium, is one such indispensable original PREFA accessory. Particularly suitable for use on flat roofs, this gel, with its specially developed formula, prevents moisture from penetrating through the seams, thereby ensuring perfect waterproofing of standing seams. Its consistency ensures optimum distribution along the seam. Specially developed for aluminium roofs, this butyl rubber product can be used for other metal roofs too. PREFA sealing gel is temperature- and ageing-resistant, and also withstands weak acids and alkalis. Its permanent elasticity allows the trays to expand without any problem. The gel’s red colour guarantees optimum visibility of the product and therefore facilitates processing.