PREFA supports young roofers at EuroSkills 2018

Young people from right across Europe will be showcasing their abilities at EuroSkills 2018 in Budapest  from 26 to 28 September 2018. The European championship of young professionals takes place every two years in a different European country. It is open to skilled professionals up to a maximum age of 25. The aim is to promote young people’s professional qualifications, training and trade skills and in that way to strengthen Europe as a business centre.

The 500 or so participants will be putting their talents in the areas of trades, industry and services to the test during the three days of competition. Overall, they will compete in around 40 professions from fields such as technology, communications, fashion and social services. PREFA will be supporting, among others, the roofers in the special field of “Metal Roofing” in the “Construction and Building Technology” sector with professional know-how and material.

Attendance at the event is free for visitors, though online registration is required. There, visitors will be able to watch the young people compete and try out various skills interactively for themselves. For more information, please visit

Graz is to be the host city for EuroSkills 2020.