The roof and façade specialist PREFA is today present in 16 European countries and in one of these, namely Poland, has just completed a prestigious project. In the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship, one of the 16 “states“ of the Republic of Poland, PREFA gained the confidence of the architects responsible for the planning and was awarded the task of constructing the 2,000 m² roof of the swimming pool. The roof was designed in the colour titanium while the extensive façade measuring more than 1,000 m² gleams in patina green. The Olympic-sized swimming pool can also accommodate 200 spectators.

The greatest challenge from the architectural point of view was the design of the façade panels on the curved part of the wall. This main façade is shaped like an arch that is curved both vertically and horizontally. Transverse joists were installed every four meters giving the swimming pool its typical dynamic shape.  The windows on this side of the wall presented an additional challenge as they were distributed unevenly. To solve this problem the panels were dimensioned in such a way that their edges were all the same distance from the edges of the standing seam so that every façade panel is the same width. The colour scheme and material thickness were also a focal point of interest for the clients in the early stages before the start of construction.

PREFA know-how in demand in Poland

“The aim of the architect and clients was to create an impression of harmony between the different materials of glass, aluminium and brick. And the appearance of the building was of vital importance, its outward impression of colour and shape. The object is praised enthusiastically by both students and local inhabitants alike. “The decisive reasons for choosing our products were primarily our expert technical advice and the durability of our PREFALZ product", Pichal Mrotek from PREFA Poland informed us.

The university in Olsztyn with its focus on techno-agricultural disciplines was founded in the year 1999 and also has a faculty led by the UNESCO. “In such a project technical finesse plays a particularly important role. We chose PREFALZ for the realisation of this object because its pliability makes it easier to mould than most other seamed materials. It also made a great impression on the planners due to the creative applications it allows for both roofs and façades”, explained Donata Lazarczyk from PREFA Poland.

The technical know-how provided by the Austrian experts was another convincing argument. “The local tilers did not have the experience required for laying the roof and façade covering. So we organised a training programme for the roofing company with our technical personnel. After this they were perfectly competent to implement the plans”, Lazarczyk went on to tell us.

The entire project in Poland reaped the benefit of the excellent training given by PREFA Aluminiumprodukte GmbH. For years now this company with its headquarters in the Lower Austrian town of Marktl has been offering corporate training programmes in fields of application technology, sales and marketing. “Last year we had over 2,000 tinsmiths and roof tilers taking part in our training courses in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We plan to expand our PREFA Academy and to open another such base in Prague. It is of great importance for us to impart our know-how to our partners.