Visual effects and more extreme weather conditions are issues that are playing an ever more important role in a house builder’s choice of roofs and façades. And this was also the case in the holiday resort Balatonboglar, which last year saw the construction of a cube-style detached house with a flat roof. But here on Europe’s largest inland lake it is not snow masses or frost periods that are the handicap. It is the strong north-west gale force winds that present the greatest challenge. “Here on Lake Balaton – an Eldorado for surfers and kiters – incalculable wind conditions prevail that take their toll the fabric of a building. After consultations with the house owner we decided on PREFALZ from PREFA for the 300m2 façade of the cube that was set on top of the foundation of a garage and living area”, explains architect Adam Szabo from B3-architech Kft. Architecturally the large window elements were decisive in creating an internal-external symbiosis with the extended terrace. “We have certainly chosen an unusual combination with these materials. However, the intricate interplay of light and shadow on the façade is particularly interesting”, the architect goes on to tell us.

Aluminium outdoes copper

“The owner wanted a particularly eye-catching façade for the upper floor. And that is exactly what he has got. The architecture impresses with its interlaced but nevertheless clear lines and large openings to the outside. This allowed the creation of a perfect interior-exterior synthesis that harmonises perfectly with its surroundings”, says PREFA project leader Judit Nemere. Originally the client insisted on a façade made of copper, but he very soon changed his mind. “The architects and the tinsmith Szolnok KAS Kft spoke to the owner about the advantages and disadvantages of various materials. In addition to its storm and break-proof properties it was the smooth surface, attractive visual appearance, simple handling and last but not least the 40-year warranty that were decisive for the choice of our product” Nemere goes on to explain.

Elaborate cassette construction

Work on the outer finishing began in June 2013 and the results were presented after a construction period of just three months. The house beside Lake Balaton was a particular challenge for the tinsmith Barta Levente because the PREFALZ panels had to be mounted on individually designed cassettes: “The cassettes each of varying size had to be tacked perfectly onto the timber formwork. The biggest problem was therefore to produce the cassettes in dimensions that were in line with the window elements plus a terrace door. The result is impressive and the patina green colour of the façade harmonises perfectly with the surroundings.”

Other flagship projects in Hungary

The residential house on Lake Balaton is at the forefront of a series of prestigious projects that have been realised in Hungary in recent years: These include the Q1 building of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The architecturally appealing building was realised with silver PREFALZ panels and grey aluminium composite panels. Another eye-catcher is the Hotel Delibáb/Mirage in the heart of Budapest, where light grey roof rhomboid panels adorn the roof of the palace. The magnificent building of the venerable Il Baco di Stile, which has meanwhile been converted into a shopping centre, was also given a fresh new look with PREFALZ products. The roofing of the main building of the Hungarian TÜV and the Budapest Music Centre are another two examples of the architecturally versatile and universal use of products from PREFA.

PREFA at a glance

PREFA Aluminiumprodukte GmbH has been operating successfully throughout Europe for over 65 years now with the development, production and marketing of aluminium roof and façade systems. The PREFA Group has a total of 400 employees, including 180 in Austria. The more than 4,000 high-quality products in its portfolio are manufactured exclusively in Austria and Germany. PREFA is part of the corporate group of the industrialist Dr. Cornelius Grupp that employs over 6,000 people worldwide in its more than 30 production locations.

Recommendation from the architects:

“We really like working with PREFA because we always receive the technical support we need, as was the case with the house on Lake Balaton where the varying cassette dimensions were concerned. We also received extremely good feedback about the products from our tilers. We were given a free hand where planning of the building was concerned. Together with the owner we decided on PREFALZ due to its smooth surface, fantastic appearance and simple handling”.

B3-architech Kft: Graduate Engineer Adam Szabo

Factbox Residential House in Hungary:
Location: Balatonboglar, Lake Balaton
Construction: June 2013 to September 2013
Façade surface: 300 m²
Architects: Building: Graduate Engineer Gabor Bajkai, façade: B3-architech Kft: Graduate Engineer Adam Szabo
Tinsmith: Szolnok KAS Kft, Barta Levente


Product box PREFALZ:

Brief description: Thanks to its malleability PREFALZ is easier to form than most other comparable materials. It offers planners a multitude of creative options for roof and façade design.

Product benefits: - extensive range of PREFA system accessories (guttering, tacks, snow guards,…); - versatile use (from curved arched roofs to sophisticated roof extensions, domed roofs or extensive roof surfaces); - consistent quality; - light weight (approx. 1.89 kg/m² with a band width of 650 mm); - long service life; - completely recyclable; - rust-proof; - also available with a protective film on request

Colours: A range of 13 colours directly from stock, smooth and stucco surfaces available

Processing: simple and trouble-free processing, even at low outside temperatures of below zero degrees