Neubau mit Flachdach, die Fassade ist mit dem Siding.X PREFA Fassadenpaneel mit Kantungen in Bronze verkleidet, die Einfassungen, sowie das eckige Ablaufrohr, das PREFA Quadratrohr sind in Anthrazit gemacht.,

Square downpipe

Square, practical, attractive! The innovative drainage system for modern architecture.

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The square, aluminium complete system sets new standards for drainage. Thanks to its minimalist and elegant design, it is ideal for use on modern structures. The innovative aluminium products are not only particularly robust, but also visually very eye-catching. Through brackets on the rear side, the square down pipe skilfully blends into the façade without any visible fasteners. The PREFA drainage system is made of up twelve different components such as square downpipes with radii corresponding to the box gutters, various downpipe elbows with a 72° bend, outlet connectors and a leader head with a square outlet.

Colour overview (9)

The product is available in the following colours




01 Braun

P.10 brown


02 Anthrazit

P.10 anthracite


03 Schwarz

P.10 black


07 Hellgrau

P.10 light grey


10 Prefaweiß

P.10 prefa white


11 Nussbraun

P.10 nut brown


PREFA dunkelgrau ähnlich DB 703 oder RAL 7043

P.10 dark grey


12 Silbermetallic

metallic silver


13 naturblank

plain aluminium


  • The RAL values stated are merely approximate values (~), some of which may differ vastly from the original PREFA colour and, under certain circumstances, may not reflect the subjective perception of the colour. 
  • Above all for colour quality P.10, it is almost impossible to define values due to the surface structure.
  • Plain aluminium: The guarantee does not cover surface appearance alterations caused by processing and environmental influences. Follow the instructions.
  • Metallic colours may vary in shade.
  • To identify exact colours for complementary components please consult original samples.

Technical information

Square downpipe dimensions (piece lengths: 3 m and 1.5 M)

100 × 100 mm (square)
80 × 80 (square)
radii corresponding to PREFA box gutters

Square downpipe thickness

1,6 mm. With continuous fixing rail for fasteners (similar function to brackets)

Planning and installation

More product information is available for downloading here


Here, you will find a list of matching accessories for the square downpipe.
For a complete, detailed list of accessory products, see our price list (only for processors).

Square downpipe elbow 72° (long)

□ 80, 100; dimensions 1.000 × 196 mm (visible)

Square downpipe elbow 72° (short)

□ 80, 100; dimensions 196 × 196 mm (visible)

Square downpipe fastener

fastener for square downpipe with M10 thread without pin

Square downpipe lightning protection clamp

With integrated stainless steel clip (cable clip) including fastening clamp; cable clip ⌀ 8–12 mm

PREFA Wasserfangkasten für das PREFA Quadratrohr

Square downpipe leader head

□ 80, 100

Square downpipe outlet

□ 80/250, □ 80/333, □ 100/333, □ 100/400

PREFA Speiereinmündung für das Quadratrohr

Parapet outlet square downpipe connector

□ 80, 100; suitable for high-temperature pipe NW 75 or 110

Square-to-round adapter 80

□ 80 ⌀ 98 mm, □ 80 ⌀ 115 mm

Square-to-round adapter 100

□ 100 ⌀ 98 mm, □ 100 ⌀ 115 mm

Square downpipe with access pipe

□ 80, 100

Square downpipe water collector

□ 100