Does a PREFA roof protect against electromagnetic interference?

Due to the increasing number of mobile phone users, questions about electromagnetic shielding to protect against the emanating radiation are increasingly being asked. As each radio communication is transmitted between sending and receiving devices, the number of transmission masts being erected in populated areas is growing. For this reason, our (roof and façade) products undergo “electromagnetic interference” testing by the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich (Electronics department). Our products have been tested for their capacity to provide shielding from electromagnetic interference in a frequency range of 150 MHz to 10 GHz (mobile phone: 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, TV: 175–800 MHz) with horizontal and vertical polarisation.

The result

PREFA product

interference in % of

PREFA roof tiles and shingles

min. shielding. 99.0%

PREFA rhomboid roof tiles

min. shielding 99.4%

PREFA Prefalz

min. shielding. 99.7%

PREFA sidings

min. shielding. 99.8%

PREFA ripple profile

min. shielding. 99.9%

About electromagnetic interference (Part 3)

With increasing frequency, shielding provided by PREFA products is getting even better (up to 99.999%)!

Due to the positive properties of aluminium and the absorption of electromagnetic waves, it may be necessary to mount an aerial (e.g. television aerial) on the roof covering rather than in the attic.