How do you install snow guards?

Only use original PREFA snow guards.

Caution: never use snow guards as roofing aids.


  • dimensioning of the substructure carried out according to EN 1991-1-3 and B 1991-1-3
  • Observe the snow guard’s installation instructions
  • On roof structures with h > 1.0 m, specific structural verification is required
  • Overhanging snow is not taken into account
  • Shape coefficient taken into account for snow loads of μ = 0.80

Assessment of requirements for snow guards for small-format components

P ... PREFA roof tile, DS.19 ... DS.19 shingle, R.16 ... PREFA R.16 roof tile, S ... PREFA shingle, R29 ... PREFA rhomboid roof tile 29 × 29, R44 ... PREFA rhomboid roof tile 44 × 44, FX.12 ... PREFA FX.12 roof panel

* in accordance with ÖNORM B 3418, metal snow retainers should be used in combination with snow guard systems on roofs with a roof pitch of 45°(= PREFA snow load calculator on the eaves).

General information: in principle, the building owner is liable for damage caused by snow falling from the roof. Setting up warning panels or installing snow guards does not prevent this liability from existing. Even if the snow guards are the appropriate size and installed correctly, the possibility of snow falling from the roof cannot be ruled out. In principle, the installer is liable with respect to his customers (building owner) for any damage caused by snow guards that are not the right size or which are installed incorrectly. If, for aesthetic or other reasons, a customer wishes less snow guards to be installed than is recommended in the installation information, the installer must fulfil his duty to inform the customer of the consequences of this decision. The non-standard installation and any likely resulting consequences must be clearly indicated in writing on the order documentation.

Recommendation: a snow guard system can be installed over house entrances and on public property as an additional safety measure. In the area of gables, chimneys, solar panels, rooftop escape hatches, roof windows, vent pipes, coving, etc., it may be appropriate, depending on the length, to install additional snow guard systems (increase the number of snow guards or snow guard systems). PREFA aluminium snow guards must be installed according to the valid regulations, depending on roof pitch and snow load. Fix each snow guard in place with 2 nails. Only use original PREFA snow guards.