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Brightly-coloured buildings have become quite fashionable in the Pevno area. "This is a real problem, although it is by no means permitted under the building code and zoning protection," Lucija Franko, architect of the bouldering hall, tells us. The façade colour of the bouldering hall was intended be a deliberately calm, dark colour. The anthracite of the DS.19 shingles contrasts with the light brown of the larch wood. The individual shingles cover the façade with a pattern made up of small pieces and therebybreak up any heavy effect that it could have.

Data & facts


DS.19 roof shingle


02 P.10 anthracite


Arhitektura Peternel


Tomo Zadravec




Škofja Loka

Object type

Public buildings & other facilities


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PREFA DS.19 roof shingle in P.10 anthracite with snow stoppers, dormer surrounds and chimney

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