Diagonal scaling with grit and lustre

trifles was not an option

In the subsequent conversation with PREFARENZEN, Thilla Theus emphasised how important a well-practiced team is for architectural practice and how much she values materials and their haptic quality. Therefore, the atmosphere of the Schweizer Baumuster-Centrale proved to be perfect to talk about architecture.

Whoever builds with Thilla Theus has a strong and competent counterpart. “I want to understand the entire production process. How else would I be able to develop something further?” Her first project had a building budget of more than seven million Swiss francs. Trifles were out of the question for the architect from the very beginning, which does not mean she does not focus on details. She always makes sure that everything fits together. With specially developed manufacturing processes, Mrs. Theus also purposely offers her clients design solutions that go beyond given standards. “I want to move forward,” Theus elaborates, which she means both in technical and architectural terms, “and never give up. And young architects also shouldn’t, by the way.” In her lecture on “Diagonal Scaling”, she already demonstrated that not even high building costs necessarily have to be a reason for compromises, emphasising how important it is that your creativity does not get lost as a result.

fast-paced woman with grit

The architect frequently finds inspiration in other areas. “I am just as curious about fashion as I am about buildings. Many people understand it better than architecture. Therefore, I like to use terms from fashion to explain architecture.” Thilla Theus speaks of fabric layers and fabric patterns as a haptic experience. According to her, fashion and architecture are similar experimental fields, whereby the difference between both professions lies in the timelessness and permanence of architecture.

Thilla Theus is a fast-paced woman with grit. She naturally used her visit at the Baumuster-Centrale to tour the shelves filled with material samples. She curiously runs her fingers over the floor and sandstone variants, is looking for something specific. In order to maintain direct contact with manufacturers and installers, with building materials and products, she has exclusively built regionally. “I want to spare my team and myself the complications international building entails.” Intensive, joint work like with PREFA Switzerland is a success because you can still meet at a personal level.

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  • Text & interview: Claudia Gerhäusser
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