Monument protection of superlatives

In the background you can see the roof renovation of the Landesmuseum Hannover by PREFA.

The team behind PK+ Pape Kost Arndt Architektur GbR has been working on an alternative to the historical glass roofs of the Landesmuseum Hannover (State Museum in Hanover) in Lower Saxony since 2018. The goal is to maintain the typical light character of the underlying showrooms despite the new, white PREFA roofs. The reason for the measures led by the State Construction Management of Hanover was the optimisation of the light and climate for the visitors and works of art. Attention must be paid to visually adhere to a balance between modern installing and monument protection – at dizzying heights. The PREFARENZEN team visited the construction site to gain an impression of the developments and will keep you posted!

State Museum in Hanover - details



Object, location:

Landesmuseum Hannover (State Museum in Hanover)




PK+ Pape Kost Arndt Architektur GbR


Hermann Dachbau GmbH / HW Hannover Dachbau




P.10 PREFA white, P.10 patina grey

Further information

  • Text: Carl Bender
  • Video: Croce & Wir