Roof system Prefalz®

Versatile and flexible: Prefalz® offers planners plenty of scope for creativity and is easy to work with.

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Thanks to it’s properties Prefalz is more pliable than most comparable hard metals. Architects can use it in many creative ways as roof and wall applications. PREFA recommends a minimum roof pitch of >7° but in accordance with national guidelines a roof pitch of >3° is feasible (see PREFA Installation Instructions).


  • Comprehensive PREFA system accessories
  • Versatile use – from arched roofs to complex roof extensions, domes or large-scale roofs
  • Colour chart with 19 standard colours
  • Available with smooth or stucco surface
  • Low weight sheet strip: 1.89 kg/m²: approx. 2.3 kg/m² roof surface with Prefalz® 500, approx. 2.2 kg/m² roof surface with Prefalz® 650
  • Long service life – non-corrosive!
  • Fully recyclable
  • Also available with protective film on request (smooth surface only)
  • Easy to work with even in low outdoor temperatures
  • Easy to work with, strong load-bearing capacity
  • Alloy, mechanical properties and coating are coordinated with the folding technology
  • No heavy metal erosion
  • Prefalz® is non-combustible (A1)

Colour overview (19)

The product is available in the following colours




01 braun

P.10 brown


P.10 anthracite


P.10 black


P.10 brick red


P.10 oxide red


P.10 moss green


P.10 light grey


P.10 zinc grey


P.10 prefa white


P.10 nut brown


P.10 pure white


PREFA dunkelgrau ähnlich DB 703 oder RAL 7043

P.10 dark grey


P.10 stone grey


metallic silver


plain aluminium

black grey




P.10 patina green


patina grey


1 The colours P.10 stone grey, P.10 sand brown, P.10 rust brown, P.10 patina green, natural oak, grey oak, walnut, patina grey and plain aluminium reflect natural tones and are therefore subject to slight variations in colour, which give the products their unmistakable character.

3 Metallic colours may vary in shade.


  • The RAL values stated are merely approximate values (~), some of which may differ vastly from the original PREFA colour and, under certain circumstances, may not reflect the subjective perception of the colour. 
  • Above all for colour quality P.10, it is almost impossible to define values due to the surface structure. Furthermore, the colours P.10 stone grey, P.10 sand brown, P.10 rust brown, P.10 patina green, walnut, grey oak, natural oak and patina grey reflect natural colourings that are composed of several colour tones.
  • To identify exact colours for complementary components please consult original samples.

Technical information

Prefalz® coils are perfect for use in standing seam roofing and cladding. Prefalz®  strips are also ideal for use as flashing strips on PREFA small format components – suitable for various connections and flashings with dimensions of 0.70 × 1,000 mm (60 kg rolls).

  • Available in 19 colours
  • Our service: Profiling and rounding at our factory or directly on site

Tip: Strong winds blowing against mono-pitched roofs with double-lock standing seams can get noisy. To tackle this problem, we recommend using Prefalz® with a strip width of 500 mm. Sufficient sound insulation measures should already be taken into account when planning the roof structure.

Caution: Combining Prefalz® strips with other colour aluminium strips should be avoided at all costs due to the different paint qualities and folding abilities.


coil-coated aluminium, 0.7 mm thick

Standard dimensions

PREFALZ for roofs: 0.7×500 mm; 0.7×650 mm
complementary coil: 0.7×1,000 mm


approx. 1.89 kg/m²
actual consumption with PREFALZ 500: approx. 2.3 kg/m²
actual consumption with PREFALZ 650: approx. 2.2 kg/m²

Minimum roof pitch*

3° (approx. 5%)

* Observe country-specific standards and specialist guidelines.

Supporting substrate and separation layer*

on fully boarded substrate (at least 24 mm); separation layer as required

* Observe country-specific standards and specialist guidelines.


PREFA preformed fixed and long sliding clips (stainless steel) according to static requirements

Tips for installation

Roof pitch

position of fixed point area*

> 3°–5° (> 5 %–9 %)

in the tray centre

> 5°–10° (> 9 %–18 %)

in the top third of the tray

> 10°–30° (> 18 %–58 %)

in the top quarter of the tray

> 30° (> 58 %)

at the top end of the tray

Planning and installation


PREFA stainless steel preformed fixed clip

PREFA stainless steel preformed sliding clip

PREFA stainless steel preformed long sliding clip

tray length 12 m – 15 m

PREFA stainless steel fish tailed fixed clip

PREFA stainless steel fish tailed sliding clip

PREFA sealing gel

PREFA one-pipe seam clamp

for pipe openings with a diameter of 28 mm

PREFA seam clamp with oblong hole for diagonal seams

for pipe openings with a diameter of 28 mm

PREFA two-pipe seam clamp

for pipe openings with a diameter of 28 mm

PREFA pipes

28 × 2 × 3,000 mm, for seam clamps, including connection sleeve

PREFA corner connector 90°

for PREFA pipe 28 × 2 mm

PREFA ice stopper

for PREFA pipe 28 × 2 mm

PREFA walkway

250 × 1,200 mm, 250 × 800 mm, 250 × 600 mm, according to DIN EN 516-1-A

PREFA walkway supports for standing seam roofs

roof pitch: 5°–55°

PREFA connector for walkways

PREFA roof anchor hook according to EN 517 B SDH-Industry 31

tested for securing 2 persons

PREFA roof hatch cover and wooden frame

from roof pitches of 12°

PREFA adhesive flashing strip for standing seam roofs

roof pitch: 3°–52°

PREFA vent pipe

⌀ 100 mm, ⌀ 120 mm

PREFA frog-mouth vent cover

air intake section: approx. 30 cm²

PREFA special adhesive kit

Content: 1 × 290 ml cartridge of PREFA special adhesive, 1 × 60 ml can of adhesive cleaner, 1 piece of sandpaper, 1 cloth and 2 adapter nozzles

PREFA bird screen

125 × 2,000 × 0.7 mm; round perforations (⌀ 5 mm)

PREFA ventilation screen

square perforations (6 mm); colours brown/anthracite and light grey/light grey; dimensions: 1.00 × 250 mm and 1.00 × 333 mm