Bookshop Les Rousses: Reference objects


A bookshop in the small French community of Les Rousses was fitted with an eye-catching aluminium cladding.

The front entrance to the shop as well as one side of the façade at the rear of the building were clad with FALZONAL in bright colours. The mosaic-like aluminium parts are in the colours maya gold, coffee brown, copper brown, olive green, patina grey and light grey, giving the bookshop a unique appearance.

The long side of the rear wing of the building, which also serves as an entrance and exhibition area, is clad in light grey PREFALZ in different widths.

Data & facts


Falzonal®, Façade system Prefalz


07 light grey


Atelier Des Montaines


Nicolet Charpente




Les Rousses

Object type

Company building


© Kaptis

PREFA Falzonal Fassade im Farbton Neukupfer

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