Buchkirchen Regional Music School: Reference objects


Nine-year-old Johannes is unpacking his horn from its case and explains: "The metal is for brass music, the wood for woodwinds, and the thin columns that support the roof are the strings of a violin." Architect Christian Frömel confirms that his design was based on this easy-to-understand concept that the users of the building can identify with.

That is why the fairly straightforward round façade surface was clad with maya gold façade shingles from PREFA. This is how the regional music school ("Landesmusikschule") in the small municipality in Austria made its building shine.

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Façade shingle


maya gold


F2 Architekten ZT


Rudolf Schmidhofer GmbH





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Public buildings & other facilities


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Detailed image of the PREFA façade shingle in P.10 stone grey

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