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The architecture firm FRONTINITERRANA by Vittorio Frontini and Antonino Terrana of Florence designed WonderLAD in Catania, Sicily, a place for the care and treatment of children with cancer. The spirit of the call for tenders was that the architecture should be like a protective embrace that supports recovery while offering innovation and sustainability with regard to its construction..

The ground-level wooden building with a usable area of 2,000 m² has a white shell made of Prefalz and is surrounded by grounds of 2 hectares. The architects had decided on a special design for the cladding with panels of different widths, which gives the building greater dynamism.

"The advantages of PREFA's aluminium strips and sheets work not only in the climate of northern Europe, but also in the Mediterranean region. The material is rustproof, the colourfast P.10 surfaces withstand external influences and stresses. They are both weather-resistant and non-flammable. Aesthetics combine with technological innovation and sustainability here, which is what we need in Sicily," explains plumber Piero Stanco.

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Roof system Prefalz, Façade system Prefalz


10 P.10 prefa white




LS Edil





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Public buildings & other facilities


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PREFALZ seamed roof in P.10 zinc grey with roof windows

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Renovation Gallery: Buildings before and after renovation

Due to their light weight, PREFA products turn the renovation of roofs and façades into child’s play – and the cosmetic treatment also produces great results.

Renovation Gallery: Buildings before and after renovation

House with a garage after roof renovation with PREFA roof tiles in anthracite
House before roof renovation with PREFA roof tiles, gable roof and garage