Historic villa in Martin: Reference objects


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This historic villa in Martin, Slovakia, was built in 1920 according to the plans of architect Ján Palkovič. When the original roof covering started to leak, a long-lasting solution was sought. The aluminium 29 x 29 rhomboid roof tile from PREFA in P.10 anthracite was chosen. The installation also required a great deal of craftsmanship in order to professionally clad the many details such as the hidden gutter, small dormers, flashings, roof windows or the steep attics.

Special building-based solution

Data & facts


Rhomboid roof tile 29 × 29, Roof system Prefalz


02 P.10 anthracite




Klampiarstvo LACKO





Object type

Single-family houses, Residential complexes & apartment buildings, Listed buildings


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PREFA rhomboid roof tiles 29 × 29 in P.10 anthracite with beading installed as a surface, roof with scaly appearance

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