Holiday home, Pongau: Reference objects


On the outside, the grey, angular shell of this holiday home looks almost industrial, but the details and the interior use wood as a visible material. The roof and the façade are covered with rhomboid tiles 44 x 44 in P.10 light grey. The family opted for a durable and low-maintenance material for their second home in particular.

Data & facts


Rhomboid roof tile 44 × 44, Rhomboid façade tile 44 × 44


07 P.10 light grey


TP3 Architektenk ZT GmbH


Grossi Dachbau und Spenglerei GmbH & Co KG




St. Veit im Pongau

Object type

Single-family houses, Residential complexes & apartment buildings


© PREFA | Croce & Wir

Detailed view of the PREFA rhomboid roof tile in the format 44 × 44 cm with a stucco surface in P.10 stone grey with snow guards

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Due to their light weight, PREFA products turn the renovation of roofs and façades into child’s play – and the cosmetic treatment also produces great results.

Renovation Gallery: Buildings before and after renovation

House with a garage after roof renovation with PREFA roof tiles in anthracite
House before roof renovation with PREFA roof tiles, gable roof and garage