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The three small, silver-shimmering roofs in the holiday resort of Oberreute-Irsengund are clearly visible from the surrounding mountain peaks. PREFA aluminium tiles in natural blank were chosen for each of the project's three roofs - those of the home, the sauna and the carport - because the material is able to withstand the weather and snow conditions in the Allgäu region. In addition, three different, asymmetrical roof geometries had to be covered, which was made possible by PREFA with consistent quality.

The thirty-year-old master plumber Leonhard Proba took on the tricky challenge of dealing with low-hanging rain gutters and almost no straightedges.

Data & facts


Rhomboid roof tile 44 × 44, Rhomboid façade tile 44 × 44


13 plain aluminium


Yonder – Architektur und Design


Spenglerei Proba





Object type

Single-family houses


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Detailed view of the PREFA rhomboid roof tile in the format 44 × 44 cm with a stucco surface in P.10 stone grey with snow guards

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Renovation Gallery: Buildings before and after renovation

Due to their light weight, PREFA products turn the renovation of roofs and façades into child’s play – and the cosmetic treatment also produces great results.

Renovation Gallery: Buildings before and after renovation

House with a garage after roof renovation with PREFA roof tiles in anthracite
House before roof renovation with PREFA roof tiles, gable roof and garage