PREFA sidings are given eXtra facets

A new PREFA design innovation now saves you the agony of choosing between the aesthetically sophisticated appearance, irregular edges and ever-changing look depending on how the light falls of the FX.12 façade panels, and the tried and tested intelligent, but previously smooth sidings. With siding.X, the trend setter for roof and façade aluminium products combines all the advantages of both products in one product on your façade.

A façade siding with all the character of an FX.12 panel

PREFA panels and sidings are “hero products” in the range of PREFA aluminium elements for intelligent and visually sophisticated solutions for buildings façades. The siding.X now combines the best of both products. It enhances the functionally and constructively excellent siding solutions with the distinctive, irregularly-shaped appearance of panels that reflect the light and surroundings. The unique and expressive characteristics of the FX.12 façade panels which, with their lengthwise and right-angled canting, enable particularly futuristic and — depending on the perspective — visually-changing, interesting and lively surface designs to be created, can now also be found in the siding.X.

moderne Fassadenbekleidung aus Aluminium mit gekanteter Oberfläche in schwarz, Siding.X von PREFA

Unique distinction

Along with the panel’s well-known irregular “X innovation” surface design, the siding product which can be screwed onto aluminium or wood substructures, has now also been given an eXtravagant and distinctive character. In this way, whether installed vertically with shadow gaps or horizontally with rustic, individual or diagonal bracing, the siding.X also livens up your siding façade, creating a visually exciting surface of unique distinction.

Siding.X in 21 colours

The siding.X colour range includes proven and familiar PREFA colours as well as a new colour — P.10 black. Siding.X visible widths and colours can of course also be combined to suit your individual taste, giving your siding.X façade that extra kick. Also now available is a siding.X special visible width of 400 mm which has been made possible by canting the 1.0 mm-thick siding material in true panel style.

And so, the various façade design possibilities with PREFA sidings have been enhanced with a new facet that enables expressive, distinctive and invigorating building appearances to be created. With the PREFA siding.X, creative and sophisticated designer façades can now also be invigorated and customized to your heart’s content.

PREFA siding.X product box


colour-coated aluminium alloy, with or without shadow gap option


P.10 anthracite, P.10 brown, P.10 light grey, P.10 moss green, P.10 nut brown, P.10 oxide red, P.10 PREFA white, P.10 black, P.10 brick red, bronze, ivory, smoke silver, P.10 pure white, P.10 dark grey, ruby red, black grey, metallic silver, patina grey, P.10 rust brown, P.10 sand brown, P.10 stone grey


screwed to the aluminium or wood substructure


approx. 3.30–4.30 kg/m² depending on the visible width


high-quality coil coating

Standard formats

200 × 1.0 mm, 300 × 1.0 mm, 400 × 1.0 mm; length: 500 to 2,500 mm (special visible widths of 138 to 400 mm available on request)