PREFA wall design with sidings in light wood, and a gable cladding in anthracite with PREFA 20 × 20 rhomboid wall tiles.

Rhomboid façade tile 20 × 20

Ideal for renovating dormers, gables, chimneys and great for “scaly” façade cladding.

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When tradition meets modernity: The new PREFA rhomboid façade tile 20 × 20 has been developed for traditional, “scaly” façade designs. Made of lightweight aluminium, the PREFA rhomboid façade tile is also perfectly suited to renovating dormers, gables and chimney cladding.

PREFA Wandraute 20 × 20 in der Fläche verlegt, Detailansicht in Aluminium naturblank

Colour overview (13)

The product is available in the following colours




01 Braun

P.10 brown


02 Anthrazit

P.10 anthracite


03 Schwarz

P.10 black


04 Ziegelrot

P.10 brick red


05 Oxydrot

P.10 oxide red


06 Moosgrün

P.10 moss green


07 Hellgrau

P.10 light grey


08 Zinkgrau

P.10 zinc grey


10 Prefaweiß

P.10 prefa white


11 Nussbraun

P.10 nut brown


12 Silbermetallic

metallic silver


PREFA dunkelgrau ähnlich DB 703 oder RAL 7043

P.10 dark grey


43 Steingrau

P.10 stone grey



  • The RAL values stated are merely approximate values (~), some of which may differ vastly from the original PREFA colour and, under certain circumstances, may not reflect the subjective perception of the colour. 
  • Above all for colour quality P.10, it is almost impossible to define values due to the surface structure.
  • Plain aluminium: The guarantee does not cover surface appearance alterations caused by processing and environmental influences. Follow the instructions.
  • Metallic colours may vary in shade.
  • To identify exact colours for complementary components please consult original samples.

Rhomboid façade tile 20 × 20 – Technical information


coil-coated aluminium, 0.7 mm thick


200×200 mm (cover), i.e. 25 pc./m²


approx. 2.8 kg/m²

Supporting substrate*

on fully boarded substrate (at least 24 mm)

* Observe country-specific standards and specialist guidelines.

Standard fastening

direct fastening, 1 PREFA ring nail per rhomboid façade tile 20×20 (i.e. 25 PREFA ring nails per m²)

Technical drawing

Technical drawing

Rhomboid roof tile 20 × 20 – Planning & installation

More product information is available for downloading here.

Note: download DWG and DXF format files by right-clicking and selecting “Save link as”.


Here, you will find a list of matching accessories for the rhomboid façade tile 20 x 20.
For a complete, detailed list of accessory products, see our price list (only for processors).

Leading plate for rhomboid façade tile 20 × 20


Starter strip façade

for façade shingles, rhomboid façade tiles and FX.12; 1800 × 158 × 1,00 mm, pre-drilled

Fastener (aluminium screw)

Special screw for aluminium substructures, with hardened drill point (red tip for illustration only)

Fastener (steel screw)

Special screw for steel substructures, with hardened drill point (red tip for illustration only)