Serrated profile

Skilful interplay of light/shadow: the serrated profile turns façades into extraordinary projection surfaces.

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Bang on trend: the PREFA serrated profile is a modern façade profile made of extruded aluminium — the ideal combination of technology and architectural design. Due to the special aluminum alloy, even sensitive areas on the building are permanently and durably clad.

Detailed view of the PREFA serrated profile in bronze

Unique design, including on large areas

The serrations create a unique design with an interesting interplay of light and shadow. They are available powder-coated or in plain aluminium (anodizable material). Individually cut to length and available in a wide range of colours with a powder-coated finish — the design possibilities are endless.

Ideal for balcony cladding

With the stainless steel balcony rivet, PREFABOND as well as the serrated profile and the ripple profile are securely fastened to balcony and parapet cladding. In the system, the balcony rivet is tested for the increased requirements with regard to fall-through protection. This is proven by pendulum impact tests in accordance with the requirements of the ETB Directive (components that protect against falls) and EN 12600:2002-11 in cooperation with an external testing institute.

Modern apartment complex with white façade and balconies with PREFA serrated profile in metallic silver

The new apartments in Herzogenburger Straße in St. Pölten were designed with PREFA products. The PREFALZ metal sheeting was used on the roof. The PREFA serrated profile was used for the balcony railings.

Advantages of the serrated profile

Easy and quick to install

No visible fastenings

Available powder-coated or in plain aluminium (anodizable material)

Easy and quick to install

No visible fastenings

Available powder-coated or in plain aluminium (anodizable material)

Can be installed horizontally, vertically and diagonally

Robust façade cladding

made of 2 mm thick, extruded aluminium alloy

Rear-ventilated façade

has all the advantages of a rear-ventilated façade

Can be installed horizontally, vertically and diagonally

Robust façade cladding

made of 2 mm thick, extruded aluminium alloy

Rear-ventilated façade

has all the advantages of a rear-ventilated façade

Be inspired by reference properties already implemented with the serrated profile.

A serrated profile façade is a very robust way to clad the exterior wall. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether the entire façade or only a partial surface is implemented. You will find even more inspiration in our Reference Gallery.

You also have free rein in terms of the colour:

  • The serrated profile is in plain aluminium (anodizable material)
  • as well as in a powder-coated version (not in P.10 colours).
Intro image for short PREFA video on the extruded profiles: serrated profile and ripple profile

PREFA ripple profile : You might also like the following:

The ripple profile is the corrugated, extruded counterpart to the serrated profile.

Detailed view of the PREFA ripple profile in a plain anodised, corrugated façade profile

Still got questions about the serrated profile façade?

If you are interested in an aluminium façade from PREFA, contact a PREFA partner company near you directly. To do this, use our tradesman search on the website.

PREFA façades are installed as non-bearing, rear-ventilated façades. This means that there is a gap for rear ventilation between the aluminium façade cladding and the insulation. In summer, the hot air cannot accumulate behind the façade because it rises through the rear ventilation and is transported away. In the winter, this structure provides thermal protection, as the heat transfer resistance is increased in the rear-ventilated space. This temperature buffering in the rear-ventilated space ensures a comfortable indoor climate all year round.

Fears of rusting are completely unfounded because aluminium cannot rust. If the surface of the PREFA aluminium façade is damaged, a new protective oxide layer is formed and the durability of the PREFA façade remains unchanged.

Non-bearing, rear-ventilated façades are designed to prevent moisture from forming. By separating the insulation and façade cladding, there is a constant air flow in the rear-ventilated space which regulates the moisture balance and ensures dryness. Thanks to the permanent ventilation, professional installation will not result in mould formation underneath the façade.

Aluminium wall claddings are well protected against weather conditions. Nevertheless, PREFA façades should be regularly checked and cleaned. Cleaning is uncomplicated and is not part of the 40-year material guarantee against breakage, corrosion (rust) and frost damage.

Technical information on the serrated profile

General information:

made of extruded aluminium alloy
design protection no. 31230
for high-quality façade claddings

Visible width:

200 mm

Height of serration:

22 mm

Distance between serrations:

40 mm

Material thickness:

2.00 mm

Piece lengths:

250 mm to 6.200 mm

Side joints:

with 5–10 mm gap, depending on profile length


starter profile


Uncoated (anodizable material)* or powder-coated**
*Production as anodizable material available on request
** Caution! No powder coating possible in P.10 colours


all laying directions allowed

concealed fastening

Weight per m²:

7.5 kg

Planning & Application

Our installers and architects can download specification documents and information on the ripple profile here. In the Service Area, you will find the installation instructions for extruded profiles and the installation instructions for balcony cladding. (The Service Area is only accessible for partner companies – please have your log-in details ready. Not received your log-in details yet? Please contact your Local Sales Manager).

Special note for our architecture and design studios: 3D and BIM data, as well as textures for our products, can also be found at: digital planning

Accessories for the serrated profile

The range of accessories for the serrated profile with starter, closing and corner profiles ensures easy, trouble-free installation.

For a complete, detailed list of accessory products, see our price list (only for processors).

Sliding clip for ripple profile and serrated profile


Starter profile for serrated profile

3.000 mm

Corner profile for serrated profile

3.000 mm

Closing profile for serrated profile

3.000 mm