Building complex in Pogier with PREFA all-in-one system: Reference objects


This building complex was equipped with a PREFA all-in-one system in the colour P.10 dark grey.

The roof and façade are decorated with PREFALZ standing seam cladding. PREFABOND aluminium composite panels were also used in order to clad individual parts such as the terrace roofing.

The roof drainage in the form of the drainage pipe and the square pipe are also in the same colour as the building envelope, P.10 dark grey, and round off an harmonious overall impression.

Data & facts


Aluminium composite panel, Roof system Prefalz, Façade system Prefalz, Square downpipe


19 P.10 dark grey


Viereck Architekten ZT GmbH


Wastl Dachdeckerei, Spenglerei Ges.m.b.H.





Object type

Single-family houses


© PREFA | Croce & Wir

PREFABOND aluminium composite panels with bronze joints

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Due to their light weight, PREFA products turn the renovation of roofs and façades into child’s play – and the cosmetic treatment also produces great results.

Renovation Gallery: Buildings before and after renovation

House with a garage after roof renovation with PREFA roof tiles in anthracite
House before roof renovation with PREFA roof tiles, gable roof and garage