Mobiler Hochwasserschutz schützt ihr Haus vor Hochwasser und Unwetter wie Überflutung

Demountable flood barrier

Remain deeply relaxed when the flood comes: PREFA’s flood protection system keeps bad weather outside.

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  • Demountable flood barrier made of aluminium
  • Sealing the profile with replaceable UV-resistant EPDM foam rubber seals
  • Provides protection as soon as the first panel has been laid 


  • Aluminium barrier panels are pushed into the mounting profiles or upright (anchored in the ground sleeves)
  • Barrier panels are stacked on top of one another via the tongue and groove system
  • The components are fixed at the top by a compression clamp
  • The barrier panels fill up as the level of the water rises, preventing them from floating


  • Property and perimeter protection
  • The length of the safety barrier can be extended as necessary
  • Existing safety barriers can be extended following a static test
  • Individual adaptation of the length of barrier panels

The Advantages Of Prefa Flood Protection

Can be installed by one person

Made from robust aluminium

Lightweight & easy to store

Quick & easy assembly

Can be installed by one person

Made from robust aluminium

Lightweight & easy to store

Quick & easy assembly

Technical information

Flooding is a natural phenomenon and cannot be prevented. However, modern flood protection systems can prevent flood water from causing a disaster. We would be delighted to advise you about PREFA’s flood protection systems!

Barrier Panels (Property And Perimeter Protection)

The panels are available in two thicknesses (50 mm und 80 mm). Taller designs and wider span widths are possible with the 80-mm system. The aluminium profile of the panels can be easily stacked together via the tongue and groove system. This ensures that they interlock, guaranteeing high stability and maximum security. Finally, compression clamps fix the whole assembly in place.

The profiles are available up to a length of 6.5 m and can generally be built up to a height of 3 metres. The static load must be calculated. The inserted system seal is made of EPDM foam rubber and can easily be replaced if necessary. After use, it is essential to clean and inspect the profile and seals to make sure that they can be used again in the future.

Dammbalken des PREFA Hochwasserschutzsytems

Die Dammbalken des PREFA Hochwasserschutzes werden in drei verschiedenen Ausführungsstärken angeboten. Je nach Stärke können sie für unterschiedliche Bereiche eingesetzt werden.

Barrier panel thickness (50-mm system):

50 mm

Barrier panel thickness (80-mm system):

80 mm

Barrier panel weight/metre (50-mm system):

5.60 kg / 4.12 kg

Barrier panel height (50-mm system):

150 mm / 200 mm

Barrier panel joint (50-mm system):

15 mm

Mounting Profile (Property Protection) And Upright (Perimeter Protection)

The permanent mounting profiles can be installed in three ways: in the reveal, flush with the reveal, or in front of the reveal. Choose the mounting profile size suitable for the overall system and according to static requirements. Inserted system seals prevent water from penetrating.

Mounting uprights: The 50-mm system weighs only 9.4 kg, and the 80-mm system weighs 11.3 kg per metre. When installing the system for the first time, a ground sleeve should be mounted in advance on a suitable supporting structure. The uprights can be easily anchored to the ground sleeve with a bayonet locking device.

Befestigungsprofile für das PREFA Hochwasserschutzsystem

Mounting profile for property protection

Bodenhülse für Befestigungssteher des PREFA Hochwasserschutzes

Mounting upright for perimeter protection

Centre column diameter:

140/186 mm

Centre column height:

750–2150 mm (special lengths available on request)

Centre column thicknesses:

50 mm or 80 mm

Ground sleeve diameter:

170 mm / 230 mm

Ground sleeve depth:

420 mm

Compression Clamp (Property And Perimeter Protection)

The panels are fixed at the top by compression clamps. The compression clamp screws are gently tightened using an Allen key (alternatively: screws with a cross handle). The compression clamps prevent the profile from floating until the panels fill with water, increasing the contact pressure of the seals. The compression clamps can be removed during use – and more panels can be added to increase the system if necessary.

Spannstück am PREFA Hochwasserschutz

Mit dem Spannstück werden die Balken des PREFA Hochwasserschutzes von oben fixiert. Durch das Anbringen der Spannstücke wird ein Auftreiben der Profile verhindert, bis sich diese mit Wasser füllen.

Compression clamp length:

160 mm

Compression clamp weight:

0.45 kg

Possible uses

Property protection

With the special aluminium barrier panels, windows, doors and door openings through which water can penetrate can be quickly sealed off.

  • Permanent mounting of the mounting profiles flush with, or in front of, the reveal.
  • When used in the event of flooding, the barrier panels are pushed into the fastener and fixed at the top with a compression clamp.
  • Mounting profiles and barrier panels can be colour-coordinated with the façade.
  • Rapidly deployable, ideal for storing and easy to install individually with very little effort.

Perimeter protection

  • Safety barriers can be used as new constructions or to increase the height of existing protection systems.
  • When used in the event of flooding, the centre columns (supports) are anchored into the sunken ground sleeve and the barrier panels are then inserted. After use, everything can be easily removed again. Ground sleeves can be sealed with cover plates.
  • The safety barrier can adapted to the final level of the water at any time.

Demountable & individual

Planning and installation

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